Friday, 20 February 2009

Our LOTR conversations

ELEMENTARY PENGUIN “There was just way too much focus on the battles and the 'epic' side of it, when the books focus on the smaller people, and their lives”

KABUKI ELVIS “In the books, the main focus was on the character interactions, I will give you that”

EP “And the last film specifically was so focused on the battles, I almost missed the bit where they get rid of the ring”

KE “Yeah, the last one definitely went overboard with the battle. But the average cinema-goer, not necessarily someone who read the books, would have felt short-changed were there not a huge battle to end it.”

KE “The films aren't meant to replace the books, they are not a successor, they are one person's interpretation of it. The existence of the films does not render the books worthless.”

EP “I totally agree, I just think that the films are an awful interpretation. Believe me, if I thought they were a replacement, I would be twice as against them as I already am.”

KE “I think the problem some people have had with it, a problem with all adaptations, is that when you read the book, it's all about your imagination, which makes the experience very personal. In films, the director's interpretation becomes the definitive, and if this isn't your interpretation, then, of course, you are likely to be drawn in less”

EP “Yes, this is exactly what I meant, I like my imagination creating my own view of the world, and these films ruined that”

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  1. Having read the books aswell I completly understand where you're coming from. The books are so much better.

    However I enjoyed the trilogy, if you haven't read the books/you take the films for what they are: i.e one persons interpretation adapted for cinematic perspective you need some 'epic-ness' for a cinema go-er to enjoy. If Peter Jackson focused on the charachters as much as Tolkien then the movies would be even longer and 'drag out ' the story too much.

    My verdict is: If you want to see an etertaining film - watch the films, if you want the whole story read the books.