Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A thankyou

As I have already mentioned, this blog was for a university project which is now over. The blog will be continued even though the project is done, so don't worry about me vanishing.

I would just like to thank the various people who visited the site, enjoyed (or disagreed with) the reviews, and commented on them. It was such a great boost in confidence for this site to see the views heading towards 3000 when it was marked, and it was you people who helped me reach the final grade of 76 out of 80.

Make sure to keep coming back for new reviews, because I am not going anywhere!

So here is to you, everyone at London Met, everyone who knows me personally, or who was sent the link from a friend, to Kabuki Elvis (Joe), to Semolina Pilchard (Francesca), and a special thanks to the ever-patient B3tans who didn't moan when I kept posting the link to my site in the hopes of constructive advice from people who run websites for a living.

For the fans, a simple yet beautiful gift; me dressed as a dinosaur.