Monday, 2 March 2009

"My blog is better than yours"

As I mentioned in my Oscar night blog, I have received a surprising amount of flak caused by blogging. I talked to my tutor, who is marking me for this blog (and who may I just add is an amazing tutor, and an all-round good person) and she suggested I actually wrote about the 'attack', since it is pretty bloody amusing.

Below, I lay out just a few tastes of his incredibly intelligent, lucid, not-at-all-ridiculous argument, based entirely around the fact that I said he was wrong for claiming women are only here to make men happy.

"What are you afraid of you chicken? Oh I know what - me. I don't judge you though! You do know I'm a better blogger than you and that's why you hind behind other people's blogs"

At this point, I would like to bring it to everyone's attention that out of his 12 followers, at least 4 of them are fake. That's right, all around the same time, 4 followers started accounts, and followed only him. They have no profile or contact information, and have done nothing. He started them himself.

"You see, I don't mind the criticism as long as it is a factual opinion and not that non-sense you keep writing about. And for your information, if it comes to blogging, I've got more readers, commenters, and profile views than you have. Does that tell you anything? If your little and unsocial twisted mind can't figure that out, I'll do it for you, MY BLOG IS MUCH BETTER THAN YOURS... And people like my blog, that's why they've actually made real comments on it."

As I have already said, a lot of his followers are people invented by him. What I didn't mention is that the majority of his comments are from the fake people. There are two comments from people that aren't him or me, and he has deleted one of them, because he didn't agree with what was said.

My favourite moment came from me saying I think he is so defensive because he is insecure.

"saying that my blog is better than your isn't a sign of insecurity, it's a fact. MY BLOG IS BETTER THAN YOURS..."

Isn't that exactly the sort of thing a VERY insecure person would say?

What makes me laugh the most is the 'friends' he speaks about, that support him. I can only assume he means the invisible friends he has invented who comment his posts, because everyone I have talked to that know him, have said things starting at "He does seem very insecure about someone being better than him at something" to "What a prick".

Anyway, that's my rant over, now I can get back to film reviews, on my site, which has a good few hundred more views than him....all done now.


  1. My milkshake is better than yours, that's a fact.
    I feel that a lot of emotions that people don't put up with in real life get funneled to the internet in the form of stupid comments, mostly found on youtube videos.

  2. I agree with John, you can take a lot of normal people and grant them the anonymity that the internet does and turn them into complete and utter jerks. This seems ot be one such example.

  3. I feel the need to post the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory...

    And Amy, I wouldn't worry about it - I know the tutor very much wanted him to make this post.

    Oh yeah, and here's a film for you to review: Preaching to the Perverted. I suspect it's not very racy any more, but I do recall it being amusing...

  4. As I was cruising around, expecting to find something fulfilling, I just fell (but not from too high!) in the front of what looks like a sour hit.

  5. I would like to reiterate what Mark pointed out.
    I was specifically asked to write this by the tutor taking the class in which I have to do this blog. It's not just me bitching for no reason.

  6. I miss a few classes and it all kicks off...

  7. So I'm manufactured am I? well I'm now following this piece of shit blog!!

  8. I'm missing something here. Firstly, why would being a sockpuppet stop you from posting? And secondly, it's it's a pos blog, why follow it?

  9. OK, a shiny silver sixpence to the first person who can tell me how to block a follower!

  10. Mark gets a shiny silver sixpence, and Wazza The Invisible gets a boot to the groin.

  11. BLOCK ME! ME!! IF YOU CAN'T TAKE THE HITS DON'T ATTEMPT TO DISH THEM OUT!! Question how are you going to kick me in the crotch if I@m invisable?

    What hits? Seriously, what hits? Because, you know, flaming out isn't kosher. It is hilarious, but not serious.

  12. mate i thought u wanted to become a journalist??? have u heard of something called "freedom of speech"?

    You know, it's a funny assumption that freedom of speech applies everywhere (especially in the UK, but that's another issue of perception -v- reality). This is a private blog, and therefore the blogger is both under rules by the service provider of what is acceptable content and free to decide what is acceptable to the blogger.

    The bottom line? Dude isn't under any responsibility to listen to you. As such you might want to, you know, discourse like you've got a pair (of brain cells, that is). You might even get taken seriously.

  13. I think after spending a day calling me the penguin, he will never be taken seriously.
    On the plus side, everyone thinks he is a fool now, so at least it's catching on :D

  14. Oh Dom! Now you don't wanna mess each other's blog? The person who wrote a whole inaccurate article about me in your blog is now asking me to stop messing up his blog? And how is it that you don't wanna be the reason why I fail? What are you gonna do to make me fail Dom? Are you gonna talk to our tutor? You better talk to her cause when I do I'll see if she really gave you permission to write all the nonsense you wrote about me.

    Let me just tell you something, the people who wrote on your blog are my flatmates, people who care about me and who honestly think that reading both your comments and articles is a waste of time. Why did you delete their comments Dom? Is it that you can't take criticism from people who prove what type of an idiot you are? Is it because you're scared you little depressing friends might realise what a chicken you are? Or is it because you just don't like when people disagree with what you write: I'll tell you the answer: ALL OF THEM!

    The person who told me that I will never be able to be a journalist because I can't take criticism, that very same person deleted the comments that my flatmates wrote on his blog simply because he (Dom) didn't like them, because they simply expressed how ridiculous he looks when he denies the existence of people. I'll tell you what: I know who/what I am and I know what/who I will be in a few years and I know for a fact that even if you try to poison every single friend I can possibly have at uni you will not have much success. And even (in the remote case that you did) that will not stop me from achieving my golds. And you wanna know why? Because the One Who's in me, will always give me strength.

    I can't believe you still don't realise that my followers are real! I can't believe that someone who's made it to uni is stupid enough to say - with no prove in hand - that my followers aren't real! Have you got any prove of that Dom? Cause I do, and I am willing to show them to you whenever you want, in front of our tutor if you want to.

    You know what, I've decided to block you from my blog - like you did to my flat mate Wassa - because really "MATE" I don't like wasting my time reading rubbish written by some more stupid impossible-to-recycle rubbish such as you.

    And I'll tell you something else: the real reason why you've been talking about me behind my back and the real reason why you have to write a whole article in your blog about me, and why you have to make stuff up such as "oh his followers aren't real" is because you can't take when someone who is doing a better job than you, because it is a fact that my blog is better than yours and it does have more followers than yours. God! You're so pathetic that you even had to write an article in your blog to spread the word that your blog even exist! Does it hurt you when I say that my blog is better than yours? I believe it does.

    Do you want to know how I got my followers? I told them (my friends) that I had a blog, they found it interesting and then they because followers.

    Oh and by the way, thank you for all the publicity you've given me. I loved the facebook link you've made in you're blog.

  15. Rather than point at the various mistake you made, which would take too long, and would be funny, since you are calling me the stupid one, I am going to keep it simple.

    1. Feel free to ask her, because it's the truth. She thought it would be funny to write about you being insecure and childish.

    2. How exactly is it inaccurate? All of the quotes are direct copy/paste jobs. They are exactly what you said.

    3. If I am insecure and you're not, then how come I laugh at you, and you get so worked up that you feel the need to write paragraph after paragraph about nothing. You have a unique ability to talk constantly without saying anything.

    4. If you are doing a better job than me, then how come not as many people are reading yours, commenting yours, visiting yours? How come you aren't being asked to help other students, and being asked to write a guide to blogging for the university?

    By the way, you can check that with her to, I don't need to make stuff (or people) up to prove a point.

    See ya, girl's name.

  16. Also, do you refer to them as my 'pathetic little friends' because you are still upset they stopped talking to you?