Sunday, 15 March 2009

O Brother Where Art Thou?

Roughly telling the story of Ulysses from Homer's Odyssey, The Coen Brothers 2000 film continued the brothers' very odd, but very successful series of films. I can safely say that there has never been a film quite like 'O Brother Where Art Thou?'.

In the film Everett (George Clooney) escapes from prison with the help of two inmates (John Turturro and Tim Blake Nelson) by promising them a cut of stolen loot that he hid before being arrested. Along the way, they meet a blind prophet who dooms their journey, sexy sirens, a 'cyclops' (a man with an eye-patch played by John Goodman), and a KKK lynch mob that nearly hangs them and their 'negro friend' Tommy (Chris Thomas King) who was rumoured to have sold his soul to the Devil at a crossroads at midnight for an incredible skill on the guitar.

To say Coen Brothers films are strange is like saying Britain is a little short on cash at the moment. They often stem from unusual or obscure stories, and break into tangents that are often hard to follow, but anyone who knows films knows that when a Coen brothers films come out, you should expect something very special.

It's well worth watching, but you might have to watch it more than once to understand everything.


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