Friday, 27 March 2009


In 1983, eleven years after finding fame as Michael Corleone in 'The Godfather', Al Pacino was becoming one of the most recognised film stars in Hollywood. He was receiving roles in all the big films of the time, but was remaining fairly picky about which ones he took. Oliver Stone offered him a role in his remake of a 1932 film classic. Stone's film became a classic in its own right, and that film was 'Scarface'.

The movie tells the story of Tony Montana, a Cuban 'political refugee' who moves to Miami, with plans to becoming the leader of a drug empire. Along the way, he loses a lot of people he loves, and succumbs to greed. He learns that crime really doesn't pay in the long run.

'Scarface' received 3 Golden Globe nominations, appears in the IMDB top 250 films, is ranked as the tenth best gangster film by the AFI (American Film Institute)

The film has been called a classic, terrific, "the movie every guy must see". And what word do I award it?


The plot is all-over-the-place, not a single one of the characters is likeable, they are all two-dimensional, Pacino's character is ridiculous to the point of laughable, and, to be honest, the film is just not that good.

Yes, there are lots of men out there who are yelling at me right now, but they are the same men who like films with Jason Statham in them, films about motor racing, and films with no plot, but plenty of tits.

This film is NOT for people who want to see an intelligent gangster film. Stick with 'The Godfather' for that, or, better yet, the original 1932 'Scarface'



  1. I agree in the sense this film is no-where near as everyone else claims

    However, the sterotype you enforced about this i think is untrue and as humourus as your sweeping statements are i think it was a little unessecary.

    Also this film is no-where near as bad as transportor , or other films which fit in the genre of 'no plot lots of guns and tits', its mildly enjoyabe but i agree with you whole-heartedly that you dont relate to al-pacino at all in this movie i think both him and marlon brando are herendously over-rated as-well.

  2. Haha. I agree,but scarface is good for a mindless blood fest of a gangster movie though.

    Fancy reviwing Ken Park or Kids,it's a bit fucked up but Larry David films are seldom reviewed outta slacker circles.