Thursday, 5 March 2009

An apology, and an announcement.

I know, I am sorry. The blog is called 'Film Review A Day', and it's been ages.
Thanks to Virgin, my net has been on the blink, on and off, since I moved in in September, and it has finally given up the good fight, and gone to the Broadband provider in the sky.

Wireless was installed, and promptly joined the Virgin broadband in 'shit products heaven', before being dragged kicking and screaming to the real world, refusing to reach as far as my room, meaning I am having to work from the kitchen as I speak/type!

But wait, there is more.

Both because I think it's a great idea, and because I am very tired, and the internet is still not properly fixed, I will not be making up for the missed posts.
Instead, I will be continuing with one review a day, until next Saturday, the 14th, when between Midday then, and Midday on Sunday, I will be reviewing CONSTANTLY.

That's right, constantly. I will be watching a film, reviewing it as it plays, publishing the post, and instantly starting another film, for 24 hours. That should work out as somewhere between 12 and 16 reviews, in one day!

ALL I ASK IS FOR ANYONE WHO ENJOYS MY BLOG, TO SPREAD THE WORD. Send the link to friends, set it as your Facebook or MSN status, email people, because this will be a real experiment, and hopefully, something very special.

The countdown


  1. you are going to be shattered!brave move i think


    x x x

  2. I think it should be interesting. Not only will you get reviews, but you will also get to see my mind slowly unravel, and my grasp of language slowly loosen!

  3. Gotta do some reviews of horror movies then, since it's Friday the 13th? :)

  4. Yeah, Evil Dead, and maybe Phantasm

  5. Never seen those, sounds interesting. Of course, I'm too much of a wuss to watch too many horror movies :P