Thursday, 12 March 2009

A finalised list of the '24 hour review marathon' movies

As you all know, starting on saturday at Midday, for 24 hours, I am going to reviewing movies solidly.

Thank-you all for your suggestions, I have taken several of them onboard, as well as ones that have been suggested to me personally.

Below, are the list of films, the times of which add up to 24 hours and 1 minute!


-Lion King

-Wayne's World

-Evil Dead 2

-Withnail and I




-O Brother Where Art Thou?

-Mystery Men

-Maybe Baby

-Iron Man

-Breakfast Club

-Die Hard

I hope you all agree I have chosen a varied selection of films, and you all enjoy the marathon!


  1. needs more clerks though

  2. I love the 80s.
    Nice diverse mixture. Interested to see results.

  3. To 'Anonymous', you read my mind. I will be doing the original Clerks friday night!

  4. Maybee you should consider doing the lightest films first and ending with the awesome ones. Actually that's a terrible idea. Start with the best films and end with "Babe" otherwise the important reviews will suck at the end. Haha.